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There are various processes and operations in the industry due to which lot of dust gets generated and surrounds in the work environment. The employees get directly exposed to such dust particles and can have various health issues as stated above. Hence, it is important to provide safe and healthy environment to employees by extracting this air borne dust particles.

Dust Collectors extraction systems is one of the mainly used method to reduce the work zone emissions and emissions through exhaust stacks and ducts. It is installed on material handling systems or at the vent of production process as a product collection system.

Working Principle for Dust Collection systems

Dust generating points inside the plants like belt conveyor transfer points, crusher venting, screen venting etc. is connected to the bag filter inlet by duct work Nitrogen Plant Manufacturer in Gujarat.

For Dust Collection system applications, the no. of points from where the air borne dust is getting generated are provided with suction hoods and manual or motorized dampers in ducting depending upon the application. The dampers are provided for balancing so that optimum suction is obtained at each suction point. These hoods are connected by small duct network to the main duct header which is finally connected to the bag filter and Heatless Air Dryer Suppliers in India.


With our experience and expertise, we have solutioned various critical applications. We have the ability to design systems complying to work zone and outlet emissions norms established by pollution control board or client requirement. Emission parameters are achieved by designing the suction hoods, duct network, velocities and pressure at different points based on ACGIH guidelines.

Features Of Dust Collectors

  • Dust free operation
  • Minimum utility requirement
  • Customized Solution to suit the site layout and process needs
  • No constraints for the volume flow rate
  • Online and Offline designs
  • Work zone emissions as low as 1-2 mg/Nm3 at 1 m distance from the source










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