psa nitrogen gas plant

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

Inertech Project Pvt Ltd PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant Nitrogen PSA Generators separate nitrogen from compressed air utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)technologies. Compressed air, which consists of approximately 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, is passed through a bed of Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS).

The CMS preferentially adsorbs O2 and moisture, allowing the N2 to pass through as a PSA Nitrogen plant product psa Nitrogen gas generators at the specified pressure. While one of the towers is in the adsorption phase, the other tower is being regenerated, by de-pressurizing and allowing the CMS to release the adsorbed gases to the atmosphere. The cycle then repeats, allowing for constant flow of a controlled Nitrogen purity and flow.

This product line is designed for medium to large flow rates and has a reduced footprint. It consists of single pairs of our Twin Tower Adsorber Vessels and air and nitrogen buffer vessels (installed on a common skid or supplied separately).

Product Range

Flow Rate5 to 500 Nm3/hr
Purity95% to 99.99%
Pressure5 Kg/cm2g (standard)
At. Dew PointUp to (-) 80 Deg C

Options / Upgrades

  • HMI Display Screen
  • Dew Point Analyzer
  • Containerized or Trailer Mounted Plant
  • Energy Saving Part-Load Control

Standard Features

  • ASME Adsorber Vessels
  • High Cycle Life Pneumatic / Electric Valves
  • Oxygen Analyzer with calibration kit
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • Nitrogen Pressure Regulator
  • PLC Control System
  • Carbon Steel Skid
  • Exhaust Silencing Muffler
  • Highest Performance Adsorbent Media

Benefits of PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

  • Savings up to 80% over cylinder mode. Nitrogen costs as low as Rs. 15-20 per equivalent nitrogen in bottles.
  • Low capital cost
  • Energy & manpower efficient
  • Reliable and No dependency on external source.
  • Small plants available for flow rates as low as few liters per hour.
  • Can be installed in remotest of areas as electrical power is only the raw material required.










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