Bag Filters have been our core product since our inception. We offer a wide variety of Bag Filters and Nuisance Filters to suit any flow rate and dust burden. Our Bag Filters offer the highest particulate removal efficiency on the market, far exceeding the most stringent emissions regulations worldwide.


• Flow rates upto 60000m3/hr.
• Guaranteed and approved clean gas dust
• concentrations less then10 mg/Nm³.
• Lower pressure drop across the unit
• Lower consumption of cleaning compressed air
• Longer filter bag life
• Lower noise level during operation
• Highly efficient & quick pulse of cleaning air.
• Effectively clean the bag.

Online pulse jet type

In this type of Bag filter, bags are cleaned row by row, even when the dust laden gas is filtered. The sequence of Filter cleaning is controlled automatically by a sequence control Timer; It gives signal to solenoid operated pulse valves which direct the High-pressure air pulse to Filter Bags. it acts as a rapidly moving air bubble, traveling through the entire length of the bag and causing the bag surfaces to flex.

Offline pulse jet type

In an offline pulse jet Bag house, the construction and working is similar as the online Bag house. Each compartment is similar to an online pulse jet bag filter. The cleaning process consists of sequentially isolating each compartment and cleaning it with compressed air. All compartments are then cleaned automatically. Offline cleaning is suitable for light and fine dust and for larger volumes where the occurrence of fluidization is a distinct possibility Nitrogen Gas Plant Supplier in India.

Applications Of Bag Filter

  • Boiler / Thermic Fluidic Heaters
  • Minerals / Mining
  • Cement Mill
  • Coal Mill
  • Coal Crushing and Screening
  • Bunker /Bin
  • Packing Area
  • Grinding Mill
  • Conveyor Transfer Point
  • Paint Booth
  • Incineration
  • Steel Furnaces  (Induction, AOD, Blast, Cupola).
  • Buffing/Polishing/Grinding
  • Carbon Black/ Rubber
  • Glass
  • Automobile, Welding
  • Heatless Air Dryer Suppliers in India










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