In Powder processing industry raw materials are usually big lump sizes which are difficult to process as it is. To reduce it to powder or granular particle size in the range of around 10mm, 15mm or even lesser, an equipment is a must. Our Lump Breaker have been developed to address needs like this. Lump Breaker is an equipment which crushes the big size lumps into small or desired size by using various screen sizes.

Two opposite rows of stars and prongs are mounted on sleeves keyed to gear driven shafts, which revolves towards each other. It Is the principal action between the tips of these prongs that reduce the lumps to a smaller size. Crushers are generally used for the medium soft lumps with less than 1% moisture for use of certain materials.

The lump crusher allows to break the lumps that form during the production or transportation process of friable materials cyclone separator. The fast rotation of specially shaped blades through a fixed mesh gives an efficient lump breaking action.

They reduce plant downtime, increase processing speed and improve product consistency. These units are precision manufactured and aligned for smooth operation with low vibration or noise.

Feature Of Lump Breaker

  • Material: carbon steel, 304L, SS316L stainless steel
  • Crusher can be installed online or offline as per process requirement
  • Compact low-profile design
  • Contains two rotor shafts equipped with chopping knives and a fixed grid to reduce clearance.
  • Sturdy base frame with support legs to withstand vibrations while crushing
  •  Safety key are provided on drive shaft for safety (during an overload issue the key will break itself and prevent major accident)
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